My Personal Fitness Trainer

Wing Knows
More than You Do

Standing on the scale barefooted for
just a few seconds, you’ll know as
many as nine key indicators of your
body, including body fat.

The Right Way
to Lose Weight

Its comprehensive knowledge of
human body obsoletes those
heart-wrenching ways of losing
weight and helps you reshape a
perfect figure. Body fat, not weight,
is the measurement of one being
fat or thin. However, traditional
electronic scales cannot measure
the key indicator of fat percentage.

Lucky Four-leaf
Clover Appearance

It perfectly fits your feet curves
and gives more comfortable experience
and more accurate data

Your Personal Fitness Trainer

Based on your body data, it gives you keep-fit advice on diet and exercise according to the research findings of professional medical teams and your physical conditions, saving you from unguided and heart-wrenching weight losing.

Set Goals and Encourage Each Other through the Circle of Friends

Post weight-losing data, showcase the feeling of success, face up to the ridicule or praise from friends. Within months, you may change from “gauge-busting girl, female vocal of Overload band” to “Fit goddess, fitness fairy”

The Multi-user Interconnection Enables the Enjoyment of the Whole Family

It supports multi-user interconnection and can record the data for up to six persons, enabling you and your family members to join the “Fitness Club” together.