A smart cup that “Understand” you

Personalized Drinking Plan & A Gift for Your Loved One, Bring you a new lifestyle.


Waterever is designed to create a product that is immediately appealing while also creating an effortless user experience. With inspirations from nature and science, Waterever is the perfect blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

Temperature monitoring

An LED dot matrix on the outer wall shows you the temperature of Waterever's contents. The light bar indicator will glow and tell you that it’s the proper temperature to get a drink of water.


Waterever uses a 400mA lithium battery, with a standby time of about 18 days. A wireless Qi-standard pad is included for charging, and can be used with your other Qi-compatible devices.

A personalized plan for health

Fill in your personal information in the iPinto app, and Waterever will calculate the right intake for you, track your intake and remind you when you should be drinking more.

BPA free Easy

Waterever's liner is made of Tritan Safe Plastic, which is used widely in baby bottles and soothers and is completely BPA free.